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Ovation E-260WW IP
Ovation E-260WW IP takes the brilliant breakthrough concept of the Ovation E-260WW and places it outdoors. The standard shutter assembly and lenses lend familiarity and ease-of-use to this groundbreaking IP65-rated ERS-style fixture with an output surpassing that of 750 W HPL. This ellipsoidal also boasts extremely smooth dimming down to the very bottom of the curve as well as a flat and even field of light for superior gobo projection. Selectable PWM, RDM, and onboard dimming curves ease setup and programming.
• Warm white ERS-style fixture with output exceeding a tungsten 750 W
• Fully IP65 rated for seasonal use indoors or out
• Standard Ovation beam shaping shutters and lenses
• Ultra smooth 16-bit dimming, and 8-bit dimming curves
• Flat, even field of light for superior gobo projection
• RDM (Remote Device Management)
• Adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to avoid flickering on camera
• Light Source: 1 LED (WW) 202 W, (3.6 A), 3149 K
• Color Temperature (at full): 3149 K
• CRI: 91
• IP Rating: IP65, outdoor/wet, with pressure equalizing M12 GORE® valve
• Power Connection: Seetronic Powerkon IP65 (True 1 compatible)
• Power Input: Seetronic Powerkon IP65 (True 1)
• Power Output: Seetronic Powerkon IP65 (True 1)
• Data Connectors: 5-pin XLR
• Weight (without lens): 20.2 lbs
Qty Available: 4