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Scorpion RG
The Scorpion RG, an 8-channel DMX-512 controlled 10mW red and green laser, is ready to operate right out of the box despite its high output. The laser light incorporates Chauvet's exclusive Fat Beam technology.

* 8-channel DMX-512 controlled red and green laser
* Operating modes: Auto, sound active, master/slave
* 41 dynamic and 50 static patterns
* Dynamic scan and pattern speed adjustment
* Static pattern size and X/Y position adjustment
* Scan and speed adjustment yields 500 laser effects
* 44 patterns in sound active mode
* 48 patterns in auto mode
* Color selection: Red, green or both red and green
* Laser on/off and stand alone via DMX
* Built-in automatic programs via master/slave or DMX
* Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX
* 10mW Fat Beam laser produces a 10-14mm beam which complies with IEC * Safety Standards under Class IIIA
* No variance required
* Safety cover for scanner mirrors
* Sound sensitivity control
* Scanning motors (micro stepping)
* Rugged construction
* Fan cooled

* Green laser: 532nm/10mW
* Red laser: 650nm/10mW
* Current draw: (peak 25 watts at 120 volts) (inrush 25 watts at 120 volts)
* Power: Switchable, 110 volts/230 volts
* Weight: 9.37 pounds
* Size: 10 inches long x 10 inches wide x 5 inches high

Qty Available: 4