Do I need lighting for my event?
Lights are an element that adds depth and a beautiful backdrop for your event. Lighting creates the atmosphere and will make your photos and video something extra special. Obviously lighting has more of an impact for evening events or in rooms which can be darkened, but there is still some accent lighting that can be done even for daytime events.

What types of lighting does Castle offer?
We have a large inventory of LED wash fixtures for accent lighting that can create virtually any colors, Pinspots, monograms and logo projection, and conventional fixtures for lighting a staircase, buffet tables, food stations, gift table, etc.

Do I have to choose a lighting package?
No. We customize a lighting package just for your event. Every event has unique needs, and we will tailor a package around your specific requirements.

What are Pinspots?
Pinspots produce a very narrow beam of light which is commonly used to highlight centerpieces, floral arrangements, cakes, chocolate fountains, portraits or anything else you want to highlight. Look at some of our photos to see how pinspotting can produce dramatic and beautiful results.

What are LED lights?
LED stands for "lighting emitting diode" and allow for RGB color mixing, which allows us to create colors which will match or complement your color scheme. LEDs require less power than conventional lights, and run very cool. All of our wash lights for uplighting and accent lighting are LED fixtures, and the majority of our pinspots are also LED.

Do you offer outdoor lighting?
We offer outdoor rated LED wash lights for architectural uplighting. Virtually any color can be created with RGB color mixing. We do also offer par cans for outdoor uplighting as well, although they are not rated for rain/snow conditions.

How is a custom Monogram or Logo made?
We can design a monogram or logo for you. The "gobo" is usually made of steel, but we can also have glass gobos made if required. Typically gobos are natural color, or made a single color with gel, but full color glass gobos can also be made at an additional cost. We handle everything for you in getting the gobo made and provide the projection equipment to display it onto the floor or wall. The gobo can be a monogram, names, date or logo. If providing a logo, it is best to have vector artwork, or at least the highest resolution possible.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can we meet with someone to talk over details?
Yes. We offer a free consultations. Our office is located at 2870 Perrowville Road in Forest, VA. Contact us to make an appointment. It is helpful to have a room / table layout, schedule for the event, and any details regarding the color scheme or theme (color swatches are also very helpful). We can also meet on site at your venue if necessary.

How long will you hold our date for us?
When you first contact us, we will check to see if the date is available, and if so, we will "pencil you in" and give you first right of refusal if another client contacts us for that date. Once you have signed a contract and paid a deposit, the date is locked in for you.

What about contracts, deposit & final payment?
Once you have an idea of what type of package you want, we will put together a contract for you to review and sign. A deposit of $400 (or 50%, whichever is lowest) is required to lock in your date. The final payment (which would include any additions/changes and VA tax) is due no later than one week prior to the event. We prefer check, but also accept all major credit cards.

Will there be someone on site during my event?
Our standard packages include set-up, teardown, and making sure everything is working properly prior to the start of your event. We typically do not have anyone on site during the actual event. If you require or would like a technician on site, that can be arranged for an additional fee, but normally is not provided or required.

What venues do you offer lighting services at?
We can do lighting at virtually any venue.  One of our favorite venues is the beautiful Tresca on 8th in downtown Lynchburg. But we do events at many other local venues as well, including Boonsboro Country Club, Sierra Vista, Glass Hill Venue, Oakwood Country Club, Kirkley Hotel, Craddock Terry Hotel, Holiday Inn Downtown, CityView by the James, and many other area venues.

What do you offer for video equipment?
We have projectors, screens, and a 55" LCD video display on a rolling stand that can be used for slideshows, video, etc. You can connect a laptop (HDMI), or use our Bluray/DVD player.  If your material contains audio, you should make arrangements with your DJ to take an audio feed from your computer or DVD player, or we can provide a sound system upon request.

Please contact us with any other questions you may have.

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